Benefits of keeping the lifting equipment in top condition

Cranes are lifting equipment that is used for lifting and lowering of heavy loads. Lifting equipment should always be in good condition to ensure their safer use. The specific requirements related to lifting equipment are listed in the Use of Work Equipment Regulations and Lifting Operations commonly known as Power and Lifting Equipment Regulations or LOLER.

These guidelines list the risks associated with the use of lifting equipment. The owner of such equipment will be given the license to use them after thorough examination and inspection. If they do not maintain these regulations they will not be allowed by the law to operate the equipment. And if these machines are the main source of income for the business, then the owner has to face great trouble. In order to avoid any dangerous situations, the owner needs to look out for the deterioration of some parts of the equipment that are exposed to particular elements.

With equipment that are well maintained would definitely prevent any financial, legal and safety related issues. Proper servicing is the key to avoid any unfortunate accident or event.  There are several servicing companies that provide lifting equipment inspection in Abu Dhabi regularly. Unfortunately, many lifting equipment owners or businesses do not take this easy option as they consider it an easy to do job themselves and at the same time it would take less money.

However, such companies would eventually suffer losses and end up wasting more time and money. Unless someone who can fully service the equipment according to the safety standards is hired, there is no way they can achieve perfect results. At the extreme, they could even lose their license to operate or LTO.

It is not just the equipment that needs to be inspected and maintained, the operators too are required to go through training courses. This helps them to know how to determine the weight of the load their cranes lift and how, the safety measures for the lifting area, preventing damage or injuries during the lifting and so on.

Not only do the owners of the cranes have to know how to operate them, but the operators need to have their certification too. They are encouraged to maintain their education every time they renew their licenses so that quality and safety is assured.

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