Expert ways to host engaging virtual meetings

Not long ago, there was a lot of speculation about whether online meetings could ever completely replace face-to-face meetings. Some would argue that the debate was at best impossible to address and, at worst, moot in the years since. With the prevalence of online meetings growing, we figured we’d look at the specific facets of hosting an online meeting and give some tips for holding the remote attendees—who you might or may not be able to see—fully involved.

Here are six pointers to help you learn the art of online meeting engagement.

1. The value of planning

First, send out a simple agenda prior to the call to prevent any misunderstanding before you start the Logitech video conferencing. Be sure to state the meeting’s objectives and, if necessary, everyone’s intended participation.

2. Be that you have the best equipment for remote work.

If you don’t have the right online networking resources, all of your meticulous planning for a simulated meeting would be for naught. If you have virtual meetings on a regular basis, make sure you have the right tools, which allows for fast screen sharing and direct, crisp video conferencing. A team networking solution, which allows video chatting and screen sharing at the click of a button, is a perfect way to get virtual teams and individuals together.

3. Make certain housekeeping rules and obey them.

Attending a meeting from a distance can be a stressful experience. A simulated conference can be a less-than-pleasant environment for remote staff due to side chatter, trouble hearing the speaker, and trying to get the point across.

4. Schedule some time for introductions.

Allow time for introductions and small talk before getting down to business, preferably going past the normal job chitchat. Ask guests spontaneous questions and encourage any banter to make it more enjoyable. Consider the following question: “What did everybody have for breakfast/lunch?”

5. Ensure that everyone is informed and engaged.

It’s now time to get down to business in the conference with poly Dubai. Keep it as collaborative as possible. It’s better that you don’t do any of the talking. When you’re giving a presentation, take a moment and see if anyone is really paying attention and if there are any questions. If there are daily sessions, rotate activities such as taking minutes and monitoring progress items to ensure everybody informed.