FAQs About Lip Fillers

According to a leading aesthetic clinic in Dubai, even in the lockdown, people have been calling the clinic to book appointments at home. And they were willing to pay whatever it takes to look good. It is nice to see that both men and women want to become more beautiful and not because they want to become attractive and become an eye candy or make careers out of their beauty, some people just do it for the sake of feeling beautiful for themselves.

From Botox to liposuction and from getting best lip fillers in Dubai, much technology has been advanced just for the sake of beauty and being pretty. There are different symbols of being pretty. Some just work on their hair; making them thick, blacker and long, some work on their body by making it muscular but all things aside, people usually notice lips.

Lips are the first thing people notice and if you want people to notice you more or you just wanted large lips from the beginning then we suggest you get lip fillers. Like Botox type techs, this is a new variation and if you want to get it done and you have some questions then following, you will read about the most frequently asked questions about lip fillers.

Q: what are lip filler injections made up of?

Ans: mostly lip filler injections have hyaluronic acid in them and it is a natural substance that can also be found inside a human body. It is a substance that slows down the moisture in skin and increases skin texture and volume and some lip filler injection also have lidocaine in them.

Q: for how long does the effect of lip filler injection stays?

Ans: depending on what kind of lip filler injection you get. But mostly, the effects end by six months to one year.

Q: how many times will I need lip fillers?

Ans: to make them look fresh and the way they are after getting the injection, you can get a retouch session after every six months. There are now clinics who even give you a reminder a week prior that your session is due.

Q: are lip fillers injections safe?

Ans: yes, it is 100% safe as this method is approved, tested and verified by FDA.